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About Steve
First of all I would like to Thank You All for taking the time to read this brief introduction.
As Hypnotherapy becomes better known and more understood by the general public, it seems to me that there is more of a demand for help with issues that fall outside the more well known categories of giving up Smoking, Weight management and relief from Stress or Anxiety.   
I have dedicated myself to helping many wonderful clients with modern mind focussing techniques, together with the use of metaphysical teachings that can help bring about rapid emotional and physical change. 
It is those many wonderful clients that have now become my greatest teachers.
I am eager to help those of you who seek a solution. We are all emotional beings forever projecting our minds into the future, we constantly seek the balance between the mind and the body, what is healthy, what isn’t healthy, what we should do, what we shouldn’t do, what we don’t want and what we do want.
When the analytical conscious part of our mind becomes quiet and the deeper unconscious aspect is engaged with, real solutions and insights can be discovered to bring about therapeutic change.
For those of you still reading this you are actually using hypnosis now.
Thinking about your own experiences as you read, watch or listen to your inner voice, your unconscious mind is helping you, going along with you, waiting to help. 
Hypnotherapy is the tool that allows that guidance to take place in the unconscious mind.  We all have the ability to change and to respond to that which we want.
If you could have that which you want, how would that make you feel? How would you feel different to how you feel right now? 
We all have a multitude of inner resources and capabilities that come from our own unique experiences. 
Take good care of your mind and your body, thank you for reading this and I do hope we can meet one day.


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