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Clinical Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis in a therapeutic framework in order to help clients resolve their
particular issues.
Hypnosis occurs when people experience a trance like state. 
Trance states are naturally occurring and happen to allof us each day every day. 
If your mind ever drifts off when someone is talking to you, or if you get lost in a good book, or if car journeys seem very quick, you were in a trance. 
The most common concern regarding hypnosis is the fear of losing control. 
This cannot happen. 
People can only enter into hypnotic trances voluntarily; 
The hypnotherapist is simply a guide or helper into these states. 
You retain control at all times.  
Negative behaviours are often driven when an unconscious "trigger" in the environment creates an emotional response. 
We help to remove this emotional response so that when the trigger happens again, you experience and react differently to the event. 
Hypnosis assists you in discovering the underlying cause of the connection between emotion and behaviour, Steve helps and guides your unconscious so that the problem disappears. 
This can all be accomplished with a relatively light trance. 
Hypnotherapy combined with NLP or used on its own, can enable you to view the world differently.
Based in the West Midlands
Hypnotherapy in Stourbridge
Hypnotherapy in Enville
Hypnotherapy in Kidderminster
Hypnotherapy in Kinver
Based in the West Midlands
Clinical Hypnotherapy in the West Midlands
Clinical Hypnotherapy in Stourbridge
Clinical Hypnotherapy in Enville
Clinical Hypnotherapy in Kidderminster
Clinical Hypnotherapy in Kinver