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NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
Why are some people able to cope with events and situations, while other people allow those same events to affect and control their lives?
Why do some people “just get on with it” while other people, when faced with the same situation, remain distraught and upset?
NLP examines how people can experience exactly the same event and yet interpret, react to and remember it differently. 
People tend to live their lives in patterns.  NLP helps you to recognize and break those patterns, so that your life can progress along the course that you consciously want it to.
If your strategy used to interpret events and the world is not working for you, various NLP techniques can be taught to you to enable you to alter some or all of that strategy so that you too can see the world differently and “just get on with it”.
• NLP is about action – dynamic and energetic
• NLP Therapies use your own inner resources to make positive changes in your life
• NLP can still be effective even when content free – saving you the embarrassment of discussing intimate details
• Undertaking NLP is a positive life changing event
Neuro Linguistic Programming can help
solve emotional problems such as low self esteem, anger management, anxiety, lack of confidence and destructive relationship patterns
• Fears and phobias can be overcome
• Performance and skills improved at work and in personal relationships
• Communication with other becomes more effective
• Skills improve
A boy asked his mother, "what's NLP?"
His mother said, "I will tell you in a moment, but first you have to do something so you can understand.  See your grandad over there in his chair?"
"Yep," said the boy.
"Go and ask him how his artrhritis is today."
The boy went over to his grandfather.
"Grandad," he said, "how's your arthritis today?"
"Oh it's a bit bad, son," replied the old man.
"It's allways worse in damp weather.  I can hardly move my fingers today."  A look of pain crossed his face.
The boy went back to his mother. "He said it was bad. 
I think it hurts him.  Are you going to tell me what NLP is now?"
"In a minute, i promise," replied his mother.
"Now go over and ask grandad what was the funniest thing that you did when you were very young?"
The old man's face lit up. 
"Oh,"  he smiled,   "there were lots of things. 
There was the time when you and your friend played Father Christmas and sprinkled talcum powder all over the bathroom pretending it was snow. 
I laughed - but i didn't have to clean it all up." 
He stared into the distance with a smile.
"Then there was the time i took you for a walk. 
It was a lovely day and you were singing a nursery rhyme you had just learned.  Loudly. 
A man went past and gave you a nasty look. 
He thought you were being too noisy. 
He asked me to tell you to be quiet. 
You turned around and said to him, 
"if you don't like me singing, you can go and boil your head."  And carried on even louder......"
The old man chuckled.
The boy went back to his mother.
" Did you hear what grandad said?" he asked.
"Yes" his mother replied. 
"You changed how he felt with a few words.  That's NLP."
Another short story definition to help.............
A wise man rode into a desert village one evening as the sun was setting.
Dismounting from his camel, he asked one of the villagers for a drink of water.
"Ofcourse,"  said the villager and gave him a cup of water.
The traveller drank the whole cupful. 
"Thank you,"  he said.  "Can i help you at all before i travel on?"
"Yes," said the young man. 
"We have a dispute in our family.  I am the youngest of three brothers.  Our father died recently.  God rest his soul, and all he possessed was a small herd of camels.  Seventeen, to be exact.  He decreed in his will that one half of the herd was to go to my oldest brother, one third to the middle brother and one ninth to me.  But how can we divide a herd of 17?  We do not want to chop up any camels, they are worth far more alive."
"Take me to your house," said the sage.
When he entered the house he saw the other two brothers and the man's widow sitting around the fire arguing. 
The youngest brother interrupted them and introduced the traveller.
"Wait," said the wise man, "I think i can help you. 
Here, i give you my camel as a gift. 
Now you have 18 camels. 
One half goes to the eldest, that's nine camels. 
One third goes to the middle son, that's six camels. 
And one ninth goes to my friend here, the youngest son.  That's two."
"That's only 17 altogether," said the youngest son.
"Yes,  by a happy coincidence, the camel left over is the one i gave to you.  If you could possibly give it back to me, i will continue on my journey."
And he did.
"How is NLP like the 18th camel?"
It could be that it is brought into the situation by a wise man, solves the problem quickly and then disappears as if it had never been there.....................
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Based in the West Midlands
Hypnotherapy in Stourbridge
Hypnotherapy in Enville
Hypnotherapy in Kidderminster
Hypnotherapy in Kinver
Based in the West Midlands
NLP Hypnotherapy in the West Midlands
NLP Hypnotherapy in Stourbridge
NLP Hypnotherapy in Enville
NLP Hypnotherapy in Kidderminster
NLP Hypnotherapy in Kinver